thanks for the model/owners!

How not to use…

and how to.


flowers again


it’s actually curling back to the ear, but I’ve forgot to make pictures.

after this, we’ve decided, that the button doesn’t work.

black shawl


tube shawl


sallNow, with actual background! Is o crosetatoara de la cartier! Ok, it looks a bit strange with just a T-shirt, you’re supposed to wear it when it’s actually chilly (otherwise our company doesn’t guarantee the aesthetic effect of the garment).

It also has two diffrent textures… maybe i should have taken more pictures.

rasta hat


c1ba2I’m not exactly sure what the colors¬† mean here (all their nuances)… but she seems happy with them.

She also has a kickass boyfriend, but she has obtained it before ordering our product, so it would be manipulative to post a picture whith  them.

lacey scarf



you can also wear it in the traditional way, of course